SPRING SESSION:  Monday, February 24 - Sunday May 11, 2014  Starting late? It's ok, we pro-rate!!! 
Please call first for space availability and to schedule a class:
Studio #: 408-510-8046
Jean: 408-315-1835
Shana: 408-221-4736 

Tuition is $250 for 10 weeks and is due at the beginning of each session (cost is $25 per one hour class). We pro-rate if starting late and/or if there are pre-planned vacations. This price includes all materials, taxes, and fees. 1.5 hour classes are $30/class ($300/10 weeks).
At this time, we accept checks or cash only. Checks should be made payable to "Hidden Talent".

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STUDENT ART SHOW: SATURDAY MAY 31, 1:00-4:00 pm!!! Students who have been taking classes with us all year or just recently long as they stay with us through the end of the Spring session, may participate. We had over 500 people attend our show last year and we're expecting the same, if not more, this year! This is a great way to showcase your favorite art piece created with us, and invite friends and family to celebrate with you! Refreshments will be served! Forms are at our studio location and we will pass out forms to our outreach students soon. 

DRESS FOR MESS!!! Bring an apron or wear old clothes to art class!!! We no longer provide T-shirts for students to wear over their clothes, so we strongly encourage you to bring your own. You may also buy a "Hidden Talent" art apron for $25.00. One size fits all for kids.

TODDLER ART CLASS:   Spring Class begins Wednesday April 9, 2014! This will be a short 4 week session! Spaces fill up fast, so first come, first serve. $10/class if signing up for full 10 weeks, or $15 drop-in if space permits. Limit is 14 participants per class (plus attending parents) per week. Children 18 months, up to 4 years old can explore 5-6 tables of fun art materials each week! Fosters fine motor skills, decision making and social-emotional opportunities. Please call first to register and save your spot for this popular class! (408-221-4736). Class times are 10-11am or 11:15-12:15pm
We focus on independence and creativity through traditional technique.

Find YOUR "Hidden Talent" in art!
Contact Hidden Talent Art Studio:

Jean: (408) 315-1835
Shana: (408) 221-4736