Class Descriptions and Tuition

Fall Session: September - November
Winter Session: November - January
Early Spring: January - March
Late Spring: March/April - May
Summer Session: June - August

We can open any class with 2 students to start. See a class that has already started, but still want to join? It's ok! We pro-rate!!! 
Student/teacher ratio of 8 to 1 or less. 
Call 408-510-8046 to verify class availability and enroll.
Sessions run for 8-10 weeks.

1 hour classes=$30/class; $240.00/8 week session (Tuition for full session due on first day)
1.5 hour classes=$40/class; $320.00/8 week session (Tuition for full session due on first day)
You may try a class by paying for one class only. Prices include all materials, taxes, and fees. We pro-rate if starting late and for pre-planned vacations. For missed classes, please schedule a make-up class with your child's instructor or you may credit the missed class towards the following session's tuition. You must use the credit for the missed class by the end of the following session or the credit will be lost.

Toddler (age 18 months-4.5 years old), 1 hour
5-6 tables of exciting projects are set up each week for toddlers to explore and get creative! Materials used allow toddlers to experience textures and different uses of a variety of media. Fosters fine motor skills, decision making and social-emotional opportunities.

Pre-Kindergarten (Age 3 1/2 - 5), 1 hour class
Students explore a wide variety fine art materials and learn the basics of art while gaining observation skills in shape and proportion of still life. This age group explores their world through their senses, and the art experience is more about the process than final product. This class lays the foundation for advanced classes as well as fosters students with their fine motor skills.

Art Introduction (Age 5-8), 1 hour class
Various fine art media are introduced. Students gain observation skills and fine art vocabulary while exploring their creative side and learning about the 7 elements of art, using traditional techniques and methods.

Art Essentials (Age 8-12), 1 hour class
Intermediate approaches to fine art, where students gain skills in shading, form, perspective, and composition. This class also delves deeper into the seven elements of art: line, shape, value, space, form, color, and texture. This class also introduces the 7 principles of design such as balance, unity, emphasis, pattern, etc.

Homeschool Art Class (Ages 5-12), 1 hour class
This class combines "Art Introduction" with "Art Essentials" lessons due to the wider age range so that siblings and friends of homeschool groups can attend the same class, while each student receives the appropriate attention based on their age and skill level.

Jr. Advanced (Age 10+)
For students with some previous art experience who are still working on technical skills with their instructor but who are ready to work more on their own on more advanced ideas while adding meaning into their work.

Advanced Art (12+), 1 hour class
Designed for students with previous art experience. With guidance from instructor, students will learn to create their own projects and add meaning into their work using all types of fine art media.

Parent and Child Mixed Media Class: 1 hour class
A class designed for a parent and child to explore a variety of different mediums. Projects are discussed and decided on as a group.

Pre-School/Pre-K Alphabet Art Book (Age 3.5-5), 1 hour class: Students will create their own artistic Alphabet book! Each class will focus on 2-3 letters, where students will draw images related to the letters of the day using a variety of mixed media materials.

See a class that has already started, but still want to join? It's ok! We pro-rate!!!

Writing/Illustration class:  8-10 week course. This class combines two creative outlets into one amazing finished project!
Ages 7-12: Students will write a short story, while learning the basics on how to write clearly and effectively as well as sentence, paragraph and essay structure. Students will then illustrate their work. 4-6 weeks will focus on the writing and editing of the story. Students will illustrate during the remaining weeks. Success of this project depends on student's dedication to completing a portion of the writing at home so that pages are ready for editing or illustrating during the next class meeting. Students will take home 3 bound copies of their book.
Ages 5-6: Students will create a journal (travel, hobby, or "about me").  Please contact Shana for more info (408) 221-4736
Cost: $30 per class ($240 for an 8 week session) + $60 processing fee, which includes taking and editing pictures, typing story and binding 3 copies of the book for student to take home.

Discounts!!! (One discount per customer per session)
Sibling discount: 20% off total cost of all siblings combined.
Referral discount: refer a friend and each party receives 10% off. To continue to receive this discount, you must refer a new friend each 8 week session.

We also offer Gift Certificates: Purchase a gift certificate in any amount! Certificates can be used towards any of our classes, services, and products.

Adult Classes(18+):
1 hour: $30, or 1.5 hour: $40 per class
Whether you are a beginner or an old pro, our art lessons are informative and fun! All types of fine art media will be discussed and explored, using traditional techniques and methods.

Private Lessons: $100 per class (1.5 hour class)
Some of our classes may begin with just one student, which will eventually grow in size. However if you specifically want an ongoing 1 to 1 ratio so that you or your child has the full attention, we will do so at a higher fee. Please call to arrange a day and time.